We Bought a House!

Our purchase date was the 4th of August 2020.

If you know us, you probably know that Anouk was the home owner in our previous residence (my sugar Mumma). This is the first time I’ve ever owned a home, and the first home that is truly ours together. It’s cosy but the layout is great and we really fell in love with the outdoor space. The location is also excellent (Le Plateau Mont Royal). All in all, it’s perfect for our family, but, does need a lot of love and hard work. We’re excited about the road ahead and making the space our own. This series of blog posts is about our journey in home making together.

Here’s a quick few shots to mark the beginning.

Living Room

The living room is the first space you walk into from the entrance. Immediately to the right as you walk in is the coat room and the kitchen is situated at the far side. This room gets the most light by far, however it’s street facing so blinds that raise from the bottom are necessary for hiding our half naked bodies in the morning 😜.
Kitchen/LoungeLounge/Entrance/Coat Room

Coat Room

The trapdoor gives partial access to the condo crawl space (more on that in a separate post). We also have the hot water system with the valve to switch off the water supply for the condo.

Coat Room 1

Coat Room 2


Sweet and simple, we have plans to improve the space but more on that later.



Pretty straight forward, we have some cool plans for this room too!



Kaspers Room

Kas has the biggest room in the house. We wanted him to have enough space to grow into. Don’t worry, he has a pinterest page too (the paint is GOING).

Kas Closet
Kas Wall

Kas WindowKas Entrance

Master Bedroom

This is our bedroom. Its cute, we have a challenge with storage for sure.

Master Bedroom

Master Closet


This room opens up onto the deck. We were torn between making this an office and making it the master. But we didn’t want people passing through our bedroom to reach the deck. Happy to have a room to work from home in (once we’re done with rennos).

Office To DeckOffice to Living RoomOffice Closet


This is really what really sold us on the place. The inside is a lot of work but with this we’d finally have a small outdoor space we could do a bit of gardening and entertain friends, and give Kasper some space to play outside too. There’s a shed out here too for a little bit of storage.

DeckDeck to OfficeDeck to KasperShed


That’s It!

Next post will be about some of our plans for the space!

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  1. You can make a house a home. Home is what you make of it. Put yourselves into it, then you’re home. I am so proud and happy for you both, and not forgetting Kasper’s input as well. Home is where your heart is.

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