Hi! I’m Anthony. I grew up on a small farm outside of Roma, QLD Australia. I currently live in Montreal, QC Canada with my beautiful partner and step-son.

I’m a software engineer working in the video game industry. I primarily work on features and mechanics that directly impact game feel (essentially, the aesthetics of interacting with a game). This includes player locomotion, interactions, combat, controls and camera. My goal is that when you pick up the controller and play the game, not only does it feel natural but it also feels really good.

I started my career in games at THQ Studio Australia in Brisbane where I shipped Megamind: Ultimate Showdown and worked on two other unreleased AAA titles. I moved to Montreal to work for Ubisoft. There I shipped Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Far Cry 5. I’m currently at Square Enix Montreal working with amazingly talented people on some really sweet mobile games. See LinkedIn for more details.

I spend most of my spare time working on personal projects. I recently released a small extension to Visual Studio called VSBlockJumper. I am always trying to become a better human, programmer, and game developer. You can find me on twitter @AnthonyReddan

Why a blog in 2017? Herein lies the answer.